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Iron Infusion Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise
Chevron Advanced Medical Centre offers a safe and affordable place for your iron infusion. We are located in the heart of Gold Coast on Chevron Island with free 2P parking on the street. We provide a same-day iron infusion consult + procedure and we like to run on time so we don't waste yours :)

-> New patient consult + iron infusion = $170 (rebate of $75 available, therefore, the gap fee is $95).
-> Discounted fee for subsequent iron infusions if required = $150 (rebate of $75, therefore, the gap fee is $75).

Please note: you will also need to purchase Ferinject from a pharmacy, with the cost of Ferinject varying from chemist to chemist.

How to book in for an iron infusion:
-> If you have been recommended by your doctor for an iron infusion, you are welcome to book with us. A referral is not required.
-> You can Book Online with Dr Aung Thant, or call us on 07 5538 8811.
-> We will give a courtesy call to confirm your appointment one day prior.
-> If you are a new patient, please fill in this registration form prior to your appointment.
-> Please bring your recent blood test results.

Attention: If you are pregnant, we are not able to do your iron infusion here. Due to the small risk of anaphylaxis, for your safety it is in your best interest to get your iron infusion in hospital or with your obstetrician during pregnancy.

Iron Infusion Gold Coast

What to expect during your appointment: 
(1) Dr Aung Thant will consult and consent you regarding the iron infusion, and ensure that you are aware of the risks vs benefits of iron infusions.
(2) It is preferable to bring the IV-iron to your appointment. You will need to get a script from your GP and fill it at a pharmacy: Ferinject (ferric carboxymaltose) 500mg x2.
(3) Alternatively, you can get the script from our doctor here on the day of your appointment and fill it at the Chempro Chemist next door.
(4) You will then be taken to the treatment room. The iron infusion should take around 15 minutes. The dose of Ferinject given will depend on your weight and severity of iron deficiency. Your vital signs and blood pressure will be checked during the infusion.
(5) For your safety, you should stay in the waiting room for a further 30 minutes. This is because a delayed allergic reaction can occur up to 30 minutes after an iron infusion. In total, you should expect to be in Chevron Island for 60 minutes.
(6) Blood tests are usually checked again 6 weeks after the iron infusion. The results can be copied to your regular GP.

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