Social Distancing Measures - Chevron Advanced Medical

Social Distancing Measures

All of our services and procedures are currently available. Our measures as of Monday 14 September 2020:

  • If you don't have cold/flu symptoms AND you are not seeking to request a covid swab, you will be allowed to wait inside the waiting room.
  • If you have cold/flu symptoms OR you are looking to get a covid swab, please wait outside or in your car. We provide seperate seating arrangements outside.
  • Our waiting room has been expanded. There are currently 9 seats inside, spaced at least 1.5m apart from each other.
  • Children's toys and public magazines have been locked away.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Chevron Advanced Medical
The front entrance.

Chevron Island Medical Centre
Social distancing at the reception area.

Waiting room
Social distancing in the waiting room. 9 seats are available inside for patients who don't have cold/flu symptoms and who are not seeking to get a covid swab. Extra seating is available outside for patients with respiratory symptoms or those looking to get a covid swab.

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