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Covid Vaccine Clinic - Surfers Paradise

Chevron Advanced Medical is participating in the roll out of the Covid-19 vaccines on the Gold Coast.

Our Pfizer covid vaccine clinic commenced in early July 2021. If you are looking to get your Pfizer vaccine on the Gold Coast, you must book online through our website. We are not taking bookings over the phone, so please do not call us. 

The Covid vaccination clinic is bulk billed for all eligible patients with Medicare. 

For Pfizer, two doses will be required, 3 weeks apart. Dose 1 is usually done on the weekends. Dose 2 is usually done on weekdays. Your appointment for your 2nd dose will be given when you arrive for your first dose. In QLD, over 60s are now eligible for Pfizer as well.

For AstraZeneca, two doses are required, 6 to 12 weeks apart. You are free to book your 2nd dose from 6 weeks onwards on a day that suits you, as there is steady supply of AstraZeneca.

Please note that our Covid vaccination clinic will only be administering the Covid vaccine. If you require scripts or attention to your other medical issues, you must make a seperate appointment in our regular clinic. 

Frequently asked questions: 

Do you have Pfizer? Yes, we do. You will have to book online, we are not offering a walk-in service for vaccinations.

Do you have Moderna? No, only pharmacies will be administering Moderna. 

How do I make a booking for Pfizer? You must book online through our website by selecting "Pfizer Dose 1 bulk billed". We are not taking any bookings over the phone. Please do not call us to book your Pfizer vaccine.

I'm over 60, can I get Pfizer? As of mid September in QLD, over 60s are also eligible for Pfizer if you wish.

There were no available slots for Pfizer Dose 1, so I booked a standard consult and wrote "Pfizer". Will I get Pfizer? No. There is no stock, that's why you were unable to book Pfizer Dose 1. You will not receive a Pfizer vaccine during a standard consultation.

I've looked online but I can't make a booking for Pfizer? This means all allocated spots have been booked. You may get lucky and be able to book when someone cancels.

Do I need to book Dose 2 Pfizer? If you are getting your Dose 1 with us, there is no need to book Dose 2 - this will be reserved for you in 3 weeks time (on a weekday).

What is Comirnaty? That is the name of the Covid-19 vaccination made by Pfizer.

I got AstraZeneca a while ago. When can I book my 2nd dose? You can book your second dose of AstraZeneca from 6-12 weeks following the first dose. There is better efficacy after 12 weeks. Two doses of AstraZeneca is very effective against the current circulating strains, including Delta. However, 1 dose has much less efficacy. 

I got Dose 1 AstraZeneca. Can I get Dose 2 Pfizer? In Europe and North America - yes. In Australia - no, not currently. If you have received Dose 1 AstraZeneca and you have somehow managed to book Dose 2 Pfizer, please let us know. Do not lie to us.

I've had 2 doses of covid vaccines, how do I access my vaccination card? If you log in to mygov, there will be a vaccination letter/card from the Australian government after your second dose. 

I don't have Medicare, where can I get the Covid vaccine? You can get vaccinated at a QLD State Vaccination hub or a Respiratory Clinic. Unfortunately, we don't have the funding or system to upload your vaccination status without a Medicare card.

Where to get Pfizer in Gold Coast

When you are ready to be vaccinated, please follow these instructions carefully.


  1. If you are eligible, please book online here. You can choose to book either Pfizer or AstraZeneca and then select a time slot. You must have a Medicare card. Non Medicare holders can get their free vaccination at a respiratory clinic or Gold Coast Hospital.
  2. If you are booking Dose 2, please bring evidence of your Dose 1 date and brand - this is accessible on your MyGov account.
  3. If you don't have Medicare, we are not able to vaccinate you here. The Commonwealth funded respiratory clinics will be able to give you your free covid vaccine. Click here for the nearest respiratory clinic.
  4. Please read and complete the Covid-19 vaccination consent form before you arrive at the vaccination clinic. 
  5. If you have had another vaccine recently, including for seasonal influenza, you should wait at least 7 days before having your Covid-19 vaccination.
  6. If you can't make it to your appointment, please let us know so that we can open up your booking for someone else. We don't want any doses to go to waste.

  1. Please bring your Medicare card AND a photo ID.
  2. Please bring the completed Covid-19 vaccination consent form.
  3. You will be required to wait for 15 to 30 minutes after the vaccine in case of a reaction.
  4. You will be given a reminder card for 3 weeks for your second Pfizer dose or 6-12 weeks for your second AstraZeneca dose.
  5. Your vaccination record will be uploaded to the Australian Immunisation Register. You can access your record online via My Health Record.

  1. You must report any adverse reaction. Please call the NPS Adverse Medicine Events line on 1300 134 237 to report the reaction.
  2. You must not get any other vaccination for the next week. For example, if you are planning on getting the flu shot, it must be at least 1 week apart from your Covid vaccination.

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