Skin Cancer Checks

Dermengine Gold Coast

Chevron Advanced Medical incorporates skin checks with Dermengine: a modern dermatology software for the imaging, tracking and diagnosis of skin cancers. We offer a range of skin cancer checks as detailed below:

A full body check of your skin from head to toe. Your doctor will use a dermatoscope to inspect any lesions of concern. If any spots appear suspicious, a photograph will be taken and analysed on our software, before deciding on a biopsy.

A skin check is generally recommended every 1 to 2 years, or more frequently if you are a high-risk patient. Please allow 30min for this appointment.
This is a dermoscopic check of 1 or 2 spots that you are concerned about. A spot check is useful if you have noticed a new mole or a fast growing skin lesion, but you don’t want your whole body examined.

It should be noted that a spot check is not a thorough skin check. Please allow up to 15min for this appointment. If you are unsure, it is recommended to start with a skin check rather than a spot check.
Mole mapping involves taking a comprehensive series of photographs of your skin, which are then uploaded onto our software for analysis, for the early detection of skin cancers.
We obtain total body photography via a high resolution DSLR camera.

A skin check is performed at the same time to determine if the moles are cancerous or not. Please allow 45min for this appointment.

$45 gap
(fee is $120, rebate is $75)
Bulk billed
(except the 1st consult for new patients)
$145 gap
(fee is $220, rebate is $75)

Gap fees are charged for certain services because, unfortunately, Medicare does not cover the additional costs of equipment, software and time required for thorough skin checks. The gap fees for skin checks apply to all patients (new and existing).

Excision fees and bulk billing: 
-> Biopsies and excisions of skin cancers - generally bulk billed
-> Choice of normal local anaesthetic or "no-sting" anaesthetic - $12 gap fee applies for the "no-sting" version. This improved anaesthetic does not sting when injected.
-> Cosmetic removal of moles for which there is no medical indication - $150 to $250

How to book a skin cancer check:
  • You can Book Online with Dr Aung Thant, who has a special interest in skin cancers and dermoscopy.   
  • Alternatively, feel free to call us on 07 55388811 to make a booking. 
  • Please tell us if you are booking in for a skin check, spot check, or mole map as the logistics and appointment lengths differ for each service.
  • Please ensure you have read the relevant information about how to prepare for your skin cancer check in the links above.
  • New patients must fill in our registration form prior to your appointment.

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