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Skin Cancer Checks - Surfers Paradise

Skin check Gold Coast

Chevron Advanced Medical incorporates skin checks with Dermengine: a modern dermatology software for the imaging, tracking and diagnosis of skin cancers. We offer a range of skin cancer checks as described below. Book your comprehensive skin cancer check with us for peace of mind.

A full body check of your skin from head to toe. Your doctor will use a dermatoscope to inspect any lesions of concern. If any spots appear suspicious, a photograph will be taken and analysed on our software, before deciding on a biopsy.

A skin check is generally recommended every 1 to 2 years, or more frequently if you are a high-risk patient. Please allow 30min for this appointment.
This is a dermoscopic check of a few spots that you are concerned about. A spot check is useful if you have noticed a new mole or a fast growing skin lesion, but you don’t want your whole body examined. If you require more than 3 spots to be checked, a skin check would be advisable.

If the spot is deemed to be cancerous, a biopsy or excision will be recommended.
Mole mapping involves taking a comprehensive series of photographs of your skin, which are then uploaded onto our software for analysis, for the early detection of skin cancers. We
obtain total body photography via a high resolution DSLR camera.

A skin check is performed at the same time to determine if the moles are cancerous or not. Please allow 45min for this appointment.

The fee is $120.
Your Medicare rebate is $75, so the total cost is $45.
The fee is $60.
Your Medicare rebate is $38, so the total cost is $22.
The fee is $240.
Your Medicare rebate is $75, so the total cost is $165.

How to book a skin cancer check:
  • Book Online - select "skin cancer check" or "mole map" and then choose an available time with Dr Andrew Thant.   
  • Alternatively, feel free to call us on 07 55388811 to make a booking. Please tell us if you are booking in for a skin check, spot check, or mole map as the logistics and appointment lengths differ for each service.
  • Please ensure you have read the relevant information about how to prepare for your skin cancer check in the links above.
  • New patients must complete the registration form prior to your appointment.

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