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Mole Map

What is mole mapping?
Mole mapping provides a photographic record of the location and size of your moles on the skin surface. It may be useful for patients with many moles, or those with a history of melanoma. Some patients simply just want a record of what their skin was like at a certain point in time, for future comparison with new or changing lesions. Mole mapping is an important tool in the early detection of skin cancers, when combined with a skin check.

At Chevron Advanced Medical, we offer mole mapping via total body photography using the Dermengine platform.

Your mole map appointment starts with a consultation with the doctor, who will obtain your medical history and discuss the mole mapping process. This involves taking photographs of your skin from the front, back and sides using a DLSR camera. Your images will then be uploaded onto our dermatology software for analysis.

Mole-Map technology automatically detects your moles on a body part image and maps them to your 3D Body Map. Mole-Match technology compares your moles to see if they have changed or if any new moles have appeared.

Gold Coast mole map
Mole mapping has detected the appearance of a new mole.

How to book:
  • Mole mapping should be done in conjunction with a skin check. You can book online here.
  • If this is your first time getting a mole map with us, it is recommended to book a skin check first. You can book your mole map on the same day as the skin check, however Medicare will only give back one rebate.
  • If this is your subsequent mole map with us, it is recommended to book your skin check 1 week following the total body photography.

  • Skin check - $120 (rebate of $75)
  • Mole map - $150 (rebate of $38)
  • Skin check & Mole map combined session - $270 (rebate of $75)

Preparation for your mole map:
  • Shave thick and dark body hairs.
  • Wear plain underwear without a pattern.
  • Do not wear makeup or spray tan.
  • If you have long hair, please tie it up.

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