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Fees and Bulk Billing

Chevron Advanced Medical is a private medical clinic. However, we offer bulk billing for all standard consults less than 15 minutes for our existing patients. Please expect a gap fee for all other appointment types. 

Consultation Fees - Weekdays
  • Standard consult less than 15 minutes - bulk billed.
  • New patient standard consult < 15 min - $85 (Medicare rebate $38, therefore gap is $47).
  • Long consult more than 20 minutes - $110 (Medicare rebate $75, therefore gap payment is $35).
  • Prolonged consult more than 40 minutes - $150 (Medicare rebate $110, gap payment is $40).
  • DVA Gold - bulk billed

Consultation Fees - Sundays
  • Consultation up to 15 minutes - $85 (Medicare rebate $50, therefore gap cost $35).
  • Consultation more than 20 minutes - $120 (Medicare rebate $86, gap cost $34).
  • DVA Gold - bulk billed

Skin Cancer Clinic
  • Spot Check (Dermengine) - $60 (Medicare rebate $38, therefore gap payment is $22).
  • Skin Cancer Check (Dermengine) - $120 (Medicare rebate $75, therefore gap payment is $45). 
  • Mole Map (Dermengine) - $240 (Medicare rebate $75, therefore gap payment is $165).
  • Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen - bulk billed.
  • Biopsy of suspected skin cancer - bulk billed for 1st lesion (with Dr Andrew Thant and Dr Mae Tun).
  • Skin Cancer Excision - gap fee depending on size and location of skin cancer.
  • Cosmetic removal of non-cancerous moles, cysts, lumps and bumps - $150 to $300.

Procedure Fees
  • Circumcision - $850 (Medicare rebate $75, therefore gap payment is $775).
  • Contraceptive rod insertion / removal - bulk billed.
  • Ear syringe - $25 gap.
  • Holter monitor - $25 gap.
  • Iron infusion$150 to $250 (Medicare rebate $38 to $110) depending on whether you book with our doctor or nurse and whether you are pregnant. 
  • Implanon insertion or removal - $47 gap.
  • Vasectomy - $700 (Medicare rebate approx. $200, therefore gap payment is $500).
  • Venesection - fees differ depending on the doctor.

Script Requests
  • Phone consult - bulk billed (available until March 2021)
  • Face to face consult - bulk billed
  • No consult - $30

Workplace Medicals
  • Uber Medical - $110
  • Commercial Driver's Licence - $110
  • Standard Workplace Medical - $150

Unfortunately, there are no Medicare rebates for workplace medicals.

Consultation costs for WorkCover are not reimbursed by Medicare. Invoices are to be paid at time of consultation and can be submitted to your employer or WorkCover for reimbursement. Once a claim number has been issued, we can invoice WorkCover directly.

Travel Vaccines
  • Yellow Fever Vaccine - $180

For all other vaccines, please call to find out the current prices. You may be able to get a rebate from your private health insurance. Please note: If you are a new patient, a consult fee will also apply in addition to any vaccine fees.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections
  • Brand D from $3 to $4.40 per unit
  • Brand X from $9 to $11 per unit 
  • Brand B from $9 to $13 per unit 
  • Get an exact quote by using our price calculator, or send us an email to get an an individualised quote or book in for a free consultation. 

Bulk billing medical centre

Why are there gap fees?
Medicare is an Australian public health insurance scheme. It provides a rebate to you when you access an eligible health service. However, this rebate may not cover the total cost of the service. If you are bulk billed, it means that the clinic is accepting the Medicare rebate as full payment for the service. 

The reality is that Medicare rebates do not cover the cost of providing you with a high quality service. This is due to the Medicare freeze between 2013-2017 and indexation of services lower than the inflation rate. The fees charged by this clinic have to cover all of our practice costs: including rent, medical equipment, electricity, computers, insurance and employment of our receptionists, doctors and nurses.

Thank you for your support.

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