Spot Check

If you have 1 or 2 spots that you wish to be checked to rule out a skin cancer, you can book in for a "spot check". Your doctor will assess these spots with a dermatoscope. The light from a dermatoscope penetrates the top layer of your skin, allowing the doctor to see features which would not otherwise be visible. If the spot is benign, you will be reassured. If the spot requires monitoring, a dermoscopic image will be taken and mapped to your 3D Body Map. If the spot has a high probability of malignancy, you will be advised to have a biopsy - we can do that at Chevron Advanced Medical as well. Please note that a spot check is not a thorough skin check. Your doctor may advise you to book in for a skin check or mole mapping depending on your medical history and skin type.

Skin check with dermoscope in Gold Coast

-> Spot check = bulk billed, except for the first consult for new patients.
-> Cryotherapy / Liquid Nitrogen = bulk billed.
-> Punch and excision biopsies = generally bulk billed if medically indicated. Otherwise, fees range from $100 to $250 if there is no medical indication for an excision. A seperate appointment is required for skin biopsies and excisions as these are done in the treatment room.

How to book:
  • Feel free to Book Online with Dr Aung Thant, who has a special interest in skin cancers and dermoscopy.  
  • Please ensure you have read a summary of the different skin cancer check services we provide here at Chevron Advanced Medical, so that you are booking in for the correct service.

Preparation for your spot check:
  • Consider marking your skin near the spot that you want checked. Do not mark directly on the spot, as this will skew the dermoscopic image.
  • If the spot is in an area with lots of hair, consider shaving this area. Although this is not necessary, it improves the image quality. 
  • Please ensure your skin is clean in the spot that you want examined.

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